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Welcome to the Tools for Teaching Blog!

The Tools for Teaching web site has been going through some changes lately. If you visited our site in August you may have noticed that it looked like a construction zone where our formatting was off and some pages may have been missing. Thank you for your patience! Hopefully you've noticed our new look. This new site will allow us to upgrade your experience at with new design capabilities, video, and this blog!

Speaking of this blog, we need to come up with a good name. "The Tools for Teaching Blog" is kinda boring - not the Blog, the name. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Puns and plays-on-words pertaining to Tools for Teaching are acceptable (i.e. encouraged). Personally I am from the "so bad it's good" school of thought (The Quick and the Dead), but not the "so bad it's a trainwreck" school (Sharknado).

Rejected in house:

"Blog for Teaching"

"Meaning Blogness"


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