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The Tools for Teaching Video Toolbox


$695 for first year of online subscription.
  • $295 yearly renewal 
  • Contact our office for multiple enrollment discounts or
    purchase by P.O.
$795 for DVDs + first year of online subscription.
  • Single online subscription included with DVD purchase.*
    *First year free, $295 yearly renewal applies. Subscription registration linked in order confirmation email.
Watch The Video Toolbox from your favorite device!
Whether you want to stream the videos or use a DVD player, you now have options. The Video Toolbox is designed for small "Study Groups" to meet regularly and practice the tools for teaching. These videos not only provide you with a "front row seat" to one of our workshops, but you'll be shown how to practice newly acquired skills and apply them to your classroom. Teachers with years of experience using Dr. Jones' techniques also give insight into their classrooms and experiences. These videos are the perfect complement to Tools for Teaching and an opportunity for more in-depth staff development.
DVD Toolbox includes:
  • An Overview Disc that outlines every component of the Tools for Teaching program

  • A Coaching Disc that models skill-building exercises

  • 12 video training sessions on 6 discs:

    • Session 1:

      • Working the Crowd and Room Arrangement

      • DVD Bonus: Working the Crowd and Room Arrangement Classroom Examples

    • Session 2:

      • Praise, Prompt, and Leave

    • Session 3:

      • Visual Instructional Plans

      • DVD Bonus: VIPs in the Classroom

    • Session 4:

      • Say, See, Do Teaching

      • DVD Bonus: Say, See, Do Teaching Classroom Examples

      • DVD Bonus: Partner Teaching Classroom Examples

    • Session 5:

      • Rules, Routines, and Standards

      • DVD Bonus: Succeeding from Day One

    • Session 6:

      • Understanding Brat Behavior

    • Session 7:

      • Calm Is Strength

    • Session 8:

      • The Body Language of Meaning Business

    • Session 9:

      • Eliminating Backtalk

    • Session 10:

      • Responsibility Training

      • DVD Bonus: Preferred Activity Time in the Classroom

    • Session 11:

      • Omission Training and PAT

      • DVD Bonus: Preferred Activity Time, More Classroom Examples

    • Session 12:

      • Dealing with Typical Classroom Crises

  • 8 DVDs in all, totaling over 9.5 hours!




  • A Video Handbook that details viewing and exercise instructions

  • A single copy of Tools for Teaching

All participants will need their own copy of
Tools for Teaching


Online course enrollment includes:
  • All the Video Toolbox videos listed above,
    organized into 12 sessions

  • The Study Group Activity Guide and all
    additional materials can be found within the course

What you'll need:
Using the Video Toolbox with
the Study Group Activity Guide

The 12 video training sessions seamlessly integrate with the 12 Study Group meetings outlined in the Study Group Activity Guide. Video Sessions last an average of 30 minutes, add them onto the end of the 45 minute Study Group meetings for complete immersion into Tools for Teaching. It's all laid out for you in the Video Handbook for easy implementation and use.

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