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Awards and Recognition

Learning Magazine's Teacher's Choice Awards

The Tools for Teaching Video Toolbox has been awarded Learning Magazine's 2009 Teacher's Choice Award for the Classroom. In 2008, our Tools for Teaching Parent Edition was honored with Learning Magazine's 2008 Teacher's Choice Award for the Family. Here's what they have to say:


"In 1994, Learning Magazine introduced the first Teachers’ Choice Awards program. Over the years, the program has grown to become one of the most recognized and prestigious awards in the educational market. Learning Magazine launched the Family program to meet the needs of companies whose educational products work in the home environment. Teachers who are also parents evaluated more than 200 products – including books, games, electronics, software, and more – to choose the best tools for at-home learning."

The Mom's Choice Award
The Just for Mom Foundation

The Tools for Teaching Parent Edition has been awarded the 2005 Mom's Choice Award in the Children's DVD category. From their web site:


"Our main goal in supporting this contest is to bring new authors with positive messages to the world and to the real buyers of children’s works, which are moms," said Tara Paterson, a successful business-mom, and mother of two boys ages 7 and 3. Ms. Paterson is President and Founder of the Just For Mom Foundation, a not-for-profit work that is committed to assisting mothers around the world. Ms. Paterson has been seen on CBS’ 48 Hours, the Today Show, the Early Show, and has been written about in the Washington Post.


Award Judges include, along with Ms. Patterson and others:


  • Twila Liggett - Executive Producer/Creator of the Reading Rainbow

  • Julie Aigner-Clark - Creator of Baby Einstein

The Golden Lamp Award
The Association of Educational Publishers

Tools for Teaching is one of four honorees in the Book category for the AEP's Golden Lamp Award. The Golden Lamp Award represents a major recognition in the field of educational publishing. According to the AEP:


"Golden Lamp Award winners wear the most prestigious crowns in educational publishing. They are models for their peers and are recognized by consumers as providing materials of the highest quality. To be considered for a Golden Lamp Award, an entry must encompass consistent overall editorial and design quality, content that holds the unwavering attention of its audience, and originality and creativity that rise above the rest. Additionally, a Golden Lamp entry must accurately reflect its organization's mission or purpose."

The Eric Hoffer Award

Fred Jones is first runner-up for this prestigious award for the book, Tools for Teaching. Eric Hoffer, American Philosopher and Author was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan in 1983.


The Hoffer Award was founded at the start of the 21st century by award-winning author Christopher Klim (with permission from the Eric Hoffer Estate) to honor freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit. The commercial environment for today’s writers has all but crushed the circulation of ideas. It seems strange that in the Information Age, many books are blocked from wider circulation, and powerful writing is barred from publication or buried alive on the Internet. Furthermore, many of the top literary prizes will not even consider independent books or previously unpublished prose, choosing instead to become the marketing arms of large presses.


The “Hoffer” honored prose is largely unpublished and the books are chiefly from small, academic, and micro presses, including self-published offerings. Throughout the centuries, writers such as Emily Dickinson, James Joyce, Walt Whitman, and Virginia Wolfe have taken the path of self-publishing rather than have their ideas forced into a corporate or sociopolitical mold.


The books and prose of the Hoffer Award are nominated by the people and judged by independent panels. Since its inception as the Writers' Notes Award, the Hoffer Award has grown in prominence. Winners of the “Hoffer” are given prizes, honors, and worldwide media exposure, as well as being covered in the annual anthology, Best New Writing.


The Hoffer Award will continue to be a platform for and the champion of the independent voice.

  • 1st Runner-Up:

    • Fred Jones Tools for Teaching, Fredric H. Jones, Fredric H. Jones & Associates, Inc.


What the panel said about Tools for Teaching:


"Tools for Teaching offers the skills that are vital to creating a successful classroom - an environment that is productive and enjoyable to both teachers and students. In an easy to follow format (featuring eight sections and 25 chapters), Tools for Teaching synthesizes management of discipline, instruction and motivation into a workable system that enables teachers to reduce the stress typically associated with the profession. The book includes practical and detailed examples and delightful illustrations, as well as a DVD. Each chapter utilizes a highlighted sidebar to provide an overview or preview to the chapter's contents, and throughout, bold quotations and sidebars focus attention on key aspects. This is a comprehensive guide all teachers can utilize."


The Independent Publishers Award – The "IPPY"

Tools for Teaching has been recognized as a finalist for the 2001 Independent Publishers Award in the Education / Academic / Teaching Category. According to Independent Publisher Online:


"The Independent Publisher Book Awards, launched in 1996, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers. Established as the first awards program open exclusively to independents, nearly 800 "IPPYs" have been awarded to publishers throughout North America."

The Telly Awards

The Tools for Teaching Video Toolbox has recieved recognition in two categories for the 2002 Telly Awards:


  • 103v - Quality Training Videos

  • 111v - Best Value for your Money


A special thanks to our video producer Linda Carpenter, and editor Jesse Hernandez of KIDVISION, Phoenix, AZ.


According to the Telly's:


"The Telly Awards was founded in 1980, to showcase and give recognition to outstanding non-network and cable commercials. The competition was expanded several years ago to include film and video productions. Since its introduction, the Telly has become one of the most sought-after awards in the TV, commercial and video industry."

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