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Things To Know Before You Order

or, "How Primary Prevention Helped Me Lower My Frustration and Get Tools for Teaching Onto My Reader"



There are many choices of eBook readers on the market. The most popular are Kindle by Amazon and iBooks by Apple. But which one is right for your device? Here are some suggestions.

  • On a PC: Windows does not come with an eBook reader pre-installed. If your PC does not already have a default reader, there are plenty you can find for free on the web. Our customers have had success with the following apps:

  • On a Mac: iBooks is the simple choice. It comes with the operating system and is the default reader for your mac.

    • Calibre (see above) is also available for Mac OS

  • On a Kindle: Purchase the Kindle version of Tools for Teaching from your Kindle device and it should load automatically.

  • On an iPad: Purchase the eBook version of Tools for Teaching from your iPad. When it asks you to "Open in..." choose iBooks.



  • Our store has two versions of each eBook for you to choose from.

    • One is formatted exclusively for the Kindle and the Kindle App.

    • The other version is compatible with all other readers (including iBooks for Apple iOS devices, Kobo, Nook, and others).

    • Please choose the right format for your reader.

    • The Kindle App will read the Kindle version of Tools for Teaching on non-kindle devices. (example: If you want to use the "Kindle App for iOS" to read Tools for Teaching on your iPad, you should order the Kindle version of the book.)



  • Credit Card Purchases:

    • All credit card orders require manual approval from our office before you can download.

    • We will do our best to check our sales records throughout the workday, but you may have to wait a couple of hours before you receive an email with the download link.

    • See "ORDER APPROVAL & DOWNLOADING" below for more details

  • Purchase Orders:

    • Once we process your P.O., we will send you a code specific to your order. (example: "yourorder2015")

    • This code will allow your teachers/students/whoever-you-give-it-to to login to our store and download the ebook themselves.

    • When selecting your Payment Method during check-out, choose "Purchase Order Number" from the drop down menu. Then, put your code in the "Purchase Order Number" field that will appear below.

    • This code will be redeemable for the amount of ebooks that you have ordered. (i.e. If you ordered 50 books, this code will work 50 times. Our system tracks how many times the code has been used and who has used it.)

      • It is possible for users to use the code more than once. Please stress to your users to use the code once each. We are not responsible for your users downloading more copies than they should.

    • This code will work with either version of the ebook. Meaning - you are not purchasing 50 copies of only the Kindle version, but 50 copies of Tools for Teaching. The end user will be able to choose the version that is compatible with their reader when they go through the ordering process.



  • When you purchase the Tools for Teaching eBook you will receive 2 emails from customerservice@fredjones.com

    • email #1 only contains only a confirmation that your purchase has been made - not a link to download. The subject line should read: "Tools for Teaching Store Order Confirmation"

    • email #2 has your link to download the eBook. The subject line should read: "Your order has shipped..."

  • Regardless of which method of payment you choose (credit card or purchase order) you will have to wait for our office to approve your order before you can download it. This is why you have to wait for the second email for the download link. We apologize for this extra step, but our online store system requires this step when ordering digital media to protect against fraud.


Ordering the book will not trigger an automatic download.

All orders must be approved via our office before download.


  • Once you receive email #2 (subject: “Your order has shipped...”) then...

    • Follow the link: “Click here to DOWNLOAD your software now.” and follow the directions.

    • IF you still cannot download the file or you have deleted the email, THEN  log into our store and visit the "My Account" page. From there you will be able to find your purchase history and download the file.



  • After your browser has downloaded the file it should ask where you would like the file to be saved, or which app you would like to use to open the book.

    • Make note of where the file has downloaded or been saved

    • You may need to import the file into your reader app or library



  • This usually means that you do not have an eBook reader installed on your computer. In order to read .epub or .mobi files, you will need the right app. Please see "CHOOSE THE RIGHT eBOOK READER" above and install the right app for you.

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