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Tools for Teaching

Learn How to Reduce

  • Student Disruptions

  • Backtalk

  • Helpless Handraising

  • Dawdling

Learn How to Increase

  • Time on Task

  • Responsible Behavior

  • Motivation

  • Independent Learning

Preview Chapter One:
Learning from the "Natural" Teachers
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TOOLS FOR TEACHING eBook or Kindle $19.95

What's new in the 3rd edition?

The 3rd edition includes the latest research on both successful teaching practices and the neuropsychology of skill building, as well as two completely new chapters.


Chapter 8: Say, See, Do Teaching, reviews the ground-breaking work of John Hattie, Ph.D. Dr. Hattie places the extensive outcome research regarding different teaching methodologies onto a common scale so that their effectiveness can be directly compared. Many of the sacred cows of education do not fare so well, whereas variations of Say, See, Do Teaching do extremely well.

Chapter 20: Teaching Skills Efficiently, reviews the latest findings of neuropsychology concerning the amount of work needed to create mastery. Once again, Say, See, Do Teaching leads the way. This new research provides critical information for teachers when making decisions about how to teach a given lesson.

The contents of Tools remain the same, with expanded sections for:


  • Visual Instructional Plans

  • Meaning Business

  • Say, See, Do Teaching


In Tools for Teaching, Dr. Jones describes the skills by which exceptional teachers make the classroom a place of success and enjoyment for both themselves and their students. Tools for Teaching integrates the management of discipline, instruction and motivation into a system that allows you to reduce the stress of teaching by preventing most management headaches. These skills are made accessible through practical, down-to-earth language and detailed examples and illustrations. To truly master the tools for teaching, combine the Tools for Teaching book with our FREE Study Group Activity Guide, or our Video Toolbox and master these skills. Learn more.

Tools for Teaching ISBN's:

  • FOURTH EDITION 0-9650263-6-1 (shipping February 2024)

  • Third Edition 0-9650263-3-8

  • Third Edition eBook 0-9650263-5-2

  • Second Edition 978-0-9650263-2-1

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