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X Marks (all grades)


Subject: Math


Objective: Classify Numbers


Materials and Preparation:


  • Whiteboard/Chalboard and writing materials

  • Four circles on board labelled with number classifications: Natural, Whole, Integer, Rational

  • Random Numbers to draw


Student Grouping: 2 teams


The Play:


  1. Students are broken up into two teams.

  2. Each team sends up a runner.

  3. Teacher draws a number and states number aloud.

  4. The 2 runners then race to the board to place an X in the correct circle.

  5. The student who places their X in the correct spot wins a point for their team.


Scoring: 1 point for the team whose runner gets the first correct "X"


Example: Teacher draws "-54". Students race to board and place an X in the "Integer" circle. First student to finish X receives point for team.


Comments or Variations: Continue rotating runners so that all students have a chance to race. Teams may or may not tell the runner where to put the X. (That's up to the teacher. Try it both ways.)


You may choose how many different classifications to have depending on student knowledge.


Try using this game in other subject areas. English, for example - Verb, Noun, Adjective, Adverb, Pronoun.

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