Whiteboard Relays (grades 4-12)


Subject: Any


Objective: Fast recal and categorizing in the subject area.


Materials and Preparation: Whiteboard space, dry erase pens, categories


Student Grouping: 4 equal teams


The Play:

  1. Four different categories are written on the board (example: noun, verb, adjective, adverb).

  2. The teams are lined up across from the whiteboard.

  3. At a given signal, the first student in each line writes one word under the team’s category title. He or she then hands the pen to the next student in line and is seated.

  4. The next student writes a word in the same manner and the race continues until a line is completely seated.

  5. The scores are tallied and the teams rotate and line up in front of the category to their right.

  6. The play continues until each team has a chance against each category. Words may not be repeated.



  • First team seated – 100 points

  • Second team seated – 90 points

  • Third team seated – 80 points

  • Fourth team seated – 70 points

  • Plus 10 points per correct word


Comments or Variations:

  • Math Relays: Students race to list multiples of a number.

  • Foreign Language Relays: Students race with parts of speech or words that begin with a certain letter.

  • Science Relays: Students race to list items of such categories as plants, minerals, insects, etc.

  • Social Science Relays: Students race to list items of such categories as famous places, rivers, mountains, cities, etc.

  • Reading Relays: Students race to list items of such categories as starting sounds, prefixes, suffixes, compound words, etc.

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