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Upwords (all grades)


Author: Kyle, Wilson Elementary, Indiana


Subject: Spelling


Objective: Develop Vocabulary


Materials and Preparation: Upwords, Access to Internet, Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles, and other word games, and class sets of dictionaries.


Student Grouping: Small Groups


The Play:


  1. Allow students to get into small groups of 3-4.

  2. Each group will rotate on a daily basis from the computer-Scrabble-Crossword Puzzles-Upwords.

  3. The goal will be to earn the high scores for the various games, while at the same time learning new vocabulary words.


Scoring: Each day students will tally their scores on various games, and they will be posted on the bulletin board.



Scrabble Score= 112 Day 1

Upwords Score= 23 Day 2


Comments: As teachers we should take advantage of our titles. Wal-Mart, Meijer, and various other stores are usually more than willing to donate games such as Scrabble and Upwords if you will post a sticker on the board game with their logo or name.

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