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Unit Review (all grades)


Author: Lola, Pocono Elementary, Pennsyvania


Subject: Any subject area


Objective: Review a unit of study


Materials and Preparation:


  • A 20 sided die (can be found in gaming stores or toy stores)

  • A clear plastic container with a lid.

  • Put die in container to keep it off the floor.


Student Grouping: Teams of any size


The Play:


  1. Write 20 review questions, and number them. You can pick one or two numbers to be free.

  2. Divide Class into teams.

  3. First player shakes die container and reads the number. Teacher asks the question that goes with that number.

  4. If student answers correctly, his or her team earns a point.

  5. Pass the die to the next player.

  6. Since the same number can be rolled more than once, the students must all listen, so they can learn answers they might not know. Nothing makes your teammates crazier than missing the answer to a question that was already asked!


Scoring: One point for a correcty answer. Winning team gets 3 bonus points on the actual test.


Comments or Variations: After one full round of play, teams get 5 minutes to study notes, quiz one another, and look up answers they did not know.


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