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Title One and Tools for Teaching

Title One guidelines must be translated into better teaching practices if they are to effect outcomes. Tools for Teaching provides Title One teachers with powerful research-based classroom management procedures that have proven effective with economically disadvantaged students.


Dr. Ron Epps, Superintendent of Richland One School District in Columbia, SC, views Dr. Jones’ program as central to improving learning in his urban district. Of the first eight schools where on-site faculty training was conducted using Tools for Teaching, seven showed significant improvement in math and reading scores during the first year. In the second year, four of these seven schools received South Carolina’s Palmetto Award for academic improvement. (More about Tools for Teaching in South Carolina)


Title One schools exist in small town America as well as in big cities. According to Ruth Heinrichs of Riley Elementary School in Great Bend KS, “Fred Jones’ program has produced a dramatic increase in time on task. Students have been transformed into hard workers who are eager to learn. Our commitment to the program continues to grow.”


According to Kathy Barnett, Director of Staff Development in LaMarque, TX, a district with a predominantly Title One population, “We attribute our rise in test scores to the fact that Fred Jones’ techniques allow us to teach. We have seen a total turn around in our schools in the 2 years since we implemented his program.”

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