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Thumb Ball (grades 3-5)


Author: Kristen Rentmeester


Subject: Math


Objective: Addition, subtraction, or multiplication review.


Materials and Preparation: Divide a rubber ball into sections using a permanent marker. Put a number in each section. You will also need a chalkboard and chalk to keep score.


Student Grouping: Divide the class into two teams or more.


The Play:


  1. Line the teams up. The teacher tosses the ball to the first student/team.

  2. The student catches the ball, looks at the numbers his thumbs landed on, says them out loud and performse the selected operation.

  3. If the student calculates correctly, his team earns a point (or you can use the total as the number of points earned.)

  4. If the student calculates an incorrect answer, no points are given.

  5. The ball is then passed to the next team's player.


Scoring: The game continues until time is up or a preset total is reached (50-100). The highest score wins.



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