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The Professor (all grades)


Author: Stephanie Gilbert, McAdams Jr. High, Texas


Subject: Any


Objective: Review activity or quick-thinking development


Materials and Preparation:


  • 4 volunteers

  • Students need pencil and paper


Student Grouping: 4 volunteers in front of class


The Play: I learned this from a GT workshop. This could be used just for fun or as test preporation.


  • Have the kids write 2 questions about a given topic that aren't yes/no questions.

  • 4 volunteers come to the front of the class to act as "The Professor."

    • They act like one unit when answering the questions the other students ask them.

  • Going down the line, each "Professor" student says only one word of the answer (they aren't allowed to collaborate ahead of time).


Example: Question: "What is an adverb?"


Professor's answer:

-Student 1: "An"

-Student 2: "adverb"

-Student 3: "is"

-Student 4: "a"

-Student 1: "word"

-Student 2: "that"

-Student 3: "describes"

-Student 4: "a"

-Student 1: "verb"

-Student 2: "period" (or whatever type of end punctuation that they choose)


Comments or Variations: It gets pretty fun when students can't think of what word to say next. You can also ask questions like "What came first: the chicken or the egg?" or other silly questions.


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