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The Moon (Grades 3-12)


Subject: Math


Objective: Addition review and probability.


Materials and Preparation: Dice plus paper and pencil for score keeping.


Student Grouping: 2-5 players


The Play:


  1. The object of the game is to have the highest score after 10 turns or to be the first player to reach 100.

  2. The players take turns rolling the dice.

  3. Each player may roll as many times as they want adding up the numbers rolled. If the player rolls a one, he or she loses all points accumulated during that turn. If the player rolls a one on both of the dice, he or she loses everything and starts over with zero.

  4. If the player stops his or her turn before throwing a one, then he or she passes the dice to the next player and records the total score for that turn.

  5. The only time a one doesn’t cause a loss of points is when it appears during your first roll of the turn. You get to roll again.


Comments/Variations: The game may be played with the entire class at once with an overhead projector. The teacher rolls until a one appears during each turn. Students may stop at any time and add the score.

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