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The Ball Game (all grades)


Author: Shannon Thomarie, Northville Central School, New York


Subject: Any


Objective: Quick recall of information


Materials and Preparation: Music, Ball


Student Grouping: Whole class


The Play:


  1. All students STAND in a large circle.

  2. EXPLAIN: the ball must be gently passed and not thrown & that each player must take the ball in his/her hands (not bounce it along).

  3. As music plays, students pass ball (hot potato style).

  4. When music stops student is asked a question.

  5. If the student answers correctly, student gets to kick someone out of the game (survivor style).

  6. If the student is wrong, they're out and someone else who is already out has the chance to answer the question correctly and get back in the game.


Comments or Variations: As a Spanish teacher I always use target language music. My dear friend Faith Rorick invented this game.

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