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Team Board Races! (all grades)


Author: Anna Kridler, Goshen High School, Indiana


Subject: Math


Objective: Review of difficult math problems


Materials and Preparation:


  • Math problems with answers (for the teacher)

  • Chalkboard/Dry erase board

  • Chalk/Dry erase markers


Student Grouping: groups of 2 or 3


The Play:


  1. Put the class in to teams of 2-3 and have everyone go to the board at the same time. (If the class is too large, you could use marker boards.)

  2. Have them put their names at the top of the board.

  3. The first person on the list for each team takes the chalk. 

  4. Teacher calls out the problem.

  5. The student with the chalk is the ONLY one allowed to write, but the other teammates can help.

  6. After each round, the chalk is passed to the next teammate on the list.


Scoring: If I have 4 goups playing, then I give +4 for the 1st team done correctly, +3 for the next team, etc...


Comments or Variations: This game works best when the math problems are rather difficult to solve. It forces them to really work together.


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