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Tap Light Jeopardy (all grades)


Author: Vanessa Stannett, Freedom Elementary


Subject: Any


Objective: Review information / Drill and practice


Materials and Preparation: Tap light (can be found for a couple dollars at drug stores). Runs on a battery and lights up when you tap it.


Student Grouping: 2 Teams


The Play:


  1. Turn off some or all the lights in the room to add to the drama. Place the taplight on a table at the front of the room.

  2. The class is divided into two teams. One player from each team is called up.

  3. Audience team members may NOT make a sound until the answer is given; then they may cheer gleefully.

  4. Players rest their hands on the edge of the table until the question is given. Use content area questions, vocabulary word or definition (students answer with the word or def.), spelling words (to spell), math facts to answer, ANYTHING!

  5. The first student to tap the light gives their answer.

  6. After a question, one new player from each team is called up.


Scoring: Correct answer gets a point for their team. Incorrect answer passes to the other player and they get to answer it for the point. Questions answered incorrectly by both teams, the teacher gives the correct answer and the question gets put back and may come up again. (Students learn quickly to REMEMBER the missed ones!)


Further Play: Switch categories in the middle for extended play.



Teacher: 4 X 12

Contestant 1 hits the light first, turning it on and teacher signals the student to answer.

Contestant 1 (Team 1): 36

Teacher: I'm sorry that is incorrect. Contestant 2?

Contestant 2 (Team 2): 48!

One point given to Team 2.


Comments or Variations: This game is catching on throughout my grade level; the kids go crazy for it. I have all the student's names on popsicle sticks and quickly grab half to make 2 teams. I keep them in two piles and pick one stick from each to call up the 'contestants' to avoid bickering over who is next. Even shy students get caught up in the excitement and 'ok' being up front (especially with the lights dimmed).

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