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Swat Meet (all grades)


Author: Ron Seim, Columbus Tustin Middle Schoo, California


Subject: Any


Objective: To review given information before a test


Materials and Preparation: 2 fly swatters


Student Grouping: 2 teams


The Play: Three or four answers are written in boxes on a poster or on the whiteboard. (example: three or four Pharaohs)

One student is to be assigned as scorekeeper


Round 1:

  1. One player from each team comes to the front of the room and stands on opposites sides of the poster.

  2. Each player will begin with a flyswatter behind his or her back.

  3. The teacher will read a fact about one of the Pharaohs.

  4. The two students will attempt to be the first one to swat the correct box (with the Pharaoh's name in it).

  5. A player has only one chance to swat the right box with each question.


Round 2: Two new players, one from each side, replace the ones from round one. Continue game with new set or questions/facts.


Each new player is a new round. Each round consists of 1-4 questions. The game continues until the teacher runs out of facts.


Scoring: The first person who swats a box correctly receives one point for his or her team.


Examples: Teacher: " Which Pharaoh fathered nearly 100 children?"


  • The two players think as fast as they can and aim their flyswatters to hit the correct box.

  • The one who hit Rameses first receives one point for his or her team.

  • If they both miss Rameses, then the teacher will go on to the next question.

  • If one misses Rameses, then the other one has three seconds to hit the right box (Pharaoh).

  • The teacher then reads the next question.


Comments or Variations: A student may be assigned to be a referee. He or she will decide who hit the correct box first.


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