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Spelling Tic Tac Toe (all grades)


Author: Glenda Brammer, Berea Community School, Kentucky


Subject: Any


Objective: Spelling practice


Materials and Preparation: Large poster board sectioned off like a tic-tac-toe gameboard, velcro dots in each space, 3x5 index cards with X's and O's, velcro dots on back of cards.


Student Grouping: large group - two teams


The Play:


  1. First player from Team A gets first spelling word from the teacher.

  2. If it is spelled correctly, the person gets to place an X wherever he chooses on the board.

  3. If the word is misspelled, the same word goes to the first player on the other team.

  4. Play goes back and forth until one team gets three in a row on the Tic Tac Toe board.


Scoring: Count number of games won in alloted playing time.


Comments or Variations: Could also be done with vocabulary definitions, review for science/social studies test, etc.

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