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Spelling Basketball (all grades)


Author: Tracy Teague, Sanders Elementary, Kentucky


Subject: Any


Objective: Spelling Practice


Materials and Preparation:


  • Wastebasket (goal)

  • Small round ball (such as a Nerf basketball)

  • List of spelling words


Student Grouping: Large Group - 2 teams


The Play:


  1. First player from Team A gets to choose a 1 pointer (free throw line), 2 pointer (a little farther back) or a three pointer (three point line) word. The more points the harder the word.

  2. If it is spelled correctly, the person gets to attempt to shoot the ball into the wastebasket (goal).

  3. If the word is misspelled, the same word goes to the first player on the other team.

  4. Play goes back and forth until each student has had an opportunity to spell a word.


Scoring: Count number of points (baskets) made.


Comments or Variations: Could also be done with vocabulary definitions, review for science/social studies test, etc.


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