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Snowball Fight (All)


Author: Heidi Springston, Horizon Middle School, Colorado


Subject: Any


Objective: Students will get to know facts about fellow classmates.


Materials and Preparation: White Paper


Student Grouping: Whole Group


The Play:


  1. Give each student a sheet or half sheet of white typing paper.

  2. Tell the students to write one fact about themselves that not everyone in class would know. (Ex- "I broke my toe when I was four", "My favorite food is spinach"). Tell students not to put their names on these.

  3. As a class, crumple up the papers into little balls and on the teacher's cue, toss them into the air, creating a snowball-like chaos.

  4. Students must find a "snowball" and uncrumple it.

  5. The teacher starts with the snowball she picks up, and reads the fact stated. As a class, it is now time to take nominations on who the mystery person might be---my sixth graders love "accusing" each other, and also have gotten very good at putting on a poker face if it is theirs!

  6. If a certain fact is too difficult to guess, on about the third nomination, I finally tell the culprit to "come clean", and it is always fun to see if the class was close. It's a fun a simple way for kids to know one another a little bit better!

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