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Sight Word Mad Dash (grades K-3)


Author: Elizabeth Hafner, Norton Elementary, Kentucky


Subject: Reading


Objective: Identifying sight words


Materials and Preparation: magnetic sight word cards, clock or timer, pencil and paper to chart progress


Student Grouping: Individual


The Play:


  1. Student tells the teacher how many sight words they think they can read in one minute (Keep in mind sight words are divided by pre-primer, primer, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade level words). Students will only be responsible for one group of words. After successfully reading pre-primer words at 100% 3 times, they move to the next level.

  2. Teacher writes down their goal.

  3. Teacher sets the timer for one minute and the student reads as many words as they can in that time frame. (If a student is close to their goal, I let them continue to build confidence)

  4. Other students watch as they read the words.

  5. Teacher records how many words they have correct. All students and teacher cheer for the student for reading the words correctly.


Scoring: Teacher records correct responses on paper


Comments or Variations: Students enjoy this fast paced game! They beg to play it every Friday. It has been a good experience for my ECE students because they learn their sight words in a non-threatening, fun manner. They do not compete with other students, only with themselves.



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