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Phonics Musical Chairs


Author: Michael Henke, Dixie Elementary, Kentucky


Subject: Reading, Phonics


Objective: Word practice


Materials and Preparation:


  • Chairs- 3 less than the number of students

  • Flashcards with a word written on each card

  • Music


Student Grouping: Whole class activity


The Play:


  1. Arrange the chairs in a circle with three less chairs than the number of students.

  2. Place a flahcard upside down on each chair.

  3. Start the music and when it stops the students find a seat.

  4. The students without a seat will each stand in front of another student to challenge them in the pronunciation of the word.

  5. The student in the seat has first chance to say the word correctly and if it is the right answer then the challenger is out and takes a chair out of the circle.

  6. If the seated person pronounces the word incorrectly - and the challenger gets it right, then the seated person is out and takes a chair from the circle.

  7. If both students get the word wrong, then they both are out and each takes a chair from the circle.

  8. Have the other two challengers do the same procedure following steps 4-7.

  9. Continue the game until only a few students remain.


Comments or Variations: I use this game to practice and review phonics word families and Word Wall words. This game can also be used for math facts.

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