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PAT Password (all grades)


Author: John E. Allen, Jurupa Unified, California


Subject: Any


Objective: Vocabulary Review: Teams give clues to a hidden word as teammates try to guess the word.


Materials and Preparation:

  • Vocabulary word list

  • Two chairs

  • Whiteboard and marker


Student Grouping: 2 Teams


The Play:


  1. Each team selects a member to sit in the front of the room with their back to the board, facing the team.

  2. A word is written on the board behind them.

  3. The team can see the word, but the "guesser" can't.

  4. Teams take turns giving a one-word clue (synonym, rhyming word, etc.-more difficult) or descriptive sentence (more easy)for the hidden word.

  5. One team guesser tries to guess the word. If incorrect, the next team may give another clue, and their guesser may guess.


Scoring: A point is scored for the team guesser guessing correctly.


Further Play:



  • Smaller teams with more guessers at the board

  • Teams write and show clue

  • Pull words from a limited word bank.




Password: evening

  • Team A clue: dark

  • Team A guess: black (wrong)

  • Team B clue: nighttime

  • Team B guess: evening (correct- point for Team B)


Comments or Variations: For control, have teams discuss clue, but choose one spokesperson to give the clue. Encourage the guesser to string all of the clues together.



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