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Oh, What a Story! (Grades 4-12)


Subject: English, Creative Writing.


Objective: Experience in group creative writing.


Materials and Preparation: Paper and pencils


Student Grouping: 5 or 6 groups of equal size. As time passes, the size of the groups may shrink or expand for variety.


The Play:


  1. Each student begins by writing a story for one minute on a topic of his or her choice.

  2. When time is up, the teacher says, “Stop!”

  3. Each story is passed to another member in the group who reads and continues the story until “Stop” is called.

  4. Repeat this process until stories pass through the entire group, allowing more time as stories get longer.

  5. The last person or the person who started can conclude the story.

  6. Some or all of the stories may be read to the class by the students.

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