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Name It or Wear It! (any grade)


Author: Darlene Lankenau, Leo Jr./Sr. High School, Indiana


Subject: Foreign Language


Objective: Naming clothing, colors, body parts, etc.


Materials and Preparation: A LARGE collection of a variety of clothing, styles, colors, patterns, etc. The more, shall we say, UNUSUAL the better!Determine which objective you will use: colors, patterns, body parts or clothing.


Student Grouping: Students divided into 2 or more teams.


The Play:

  1. The teacher pulls out a random article and the student must say, for instance, what it is in the target language.

  2. If the student is unable "name it", he/she must then "wear it."

  3. If he/ she correctly states what it is in the target language, he/she can then elect someone from the other team to "wear it."

  4. For this activity, the article of clothing just needs to be ON their person in some fashion. Not all things will fit!


Scoring: There is no real scoring usually, but you could assign points to each article of clothing worn by each team. Usually, I take class photos to be posted in my room for a few days or for whenever our school open house occurs for a conversation piece while the parents visit!


Further Play: In order to remove the items the students must correctly identify them.

If you aren't playing in teams the students may even select the teacher to wear the items. The students would simply name the items as you removed them. Or, you could have a pop quiz and have them write down the item one by one as you remove them.

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