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Math Match It (all grades)


Author: Azriela Jankovic, Yavheh Hebrew Academy, California


Subject: Any


Objective: Reinforce fundamental math fluency skills while playing this fantastic game.


Materials and Preparation: Each student should be given (or can create by folding) a 5 by 5 grid on paper. This can be a standard size blank paper or even a half sheet. Students will need pencils and a highlighter OR pencils and small plastic chips to cover their squares.


Student Grouping: whole class or partner groups


The Play: This mathematical variation of BINGO is captivating at any level.


Level 1 - Students working on addition and subtraction fluency can choose from any 30 different whole numbers (chosen by the teacher) which will be the answers to standard addition and subtraction problems. For example, if student writes the number "2" on their grid and the teacher calls "8-6" then the student can place a token on the grid. If tokens unavailable, use a highlighter to highlight the number or put an x in one of the corners.Repeat procedure until a student either gets a row of numbers blocked out, or a page blocked out first!


Level 2 - Play this same game using products to fill in the square. Example- student chooses from a list of products provided by teacher. Teacher takes turns calling out multiplication problems and if student has the product on their grid, they take turns blocking it out.


Level 3- Division


Level 4- Adding and subtracting decimals or fractions (use fractions and decimal numbers to fill in grid and call out corresponding math problems).


Level 5 - Algebra: Teacher calls out problem such as 5x-4=16 and student would have to solve for x and find x on their sheetx=4!


Have Fun!



  • Student to block off one row wins first round.

  • Student to block off two consecutive rows or columns wins!

  • Keep playing until student gets a black out!


Comments or Variations: Adapt this game for any particular math fluency skill!

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