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Make the Word (grades 1-3)



Linda DittmarBordeaux ElementaryWashington


Subject: Reading


Objective: Students use phonemic awareness to create a written word and read that word.


Materials and Preparation:


  • 1 miniature white board for each team

  • 1 dry erase marker for each team

  • 1 eraser for each team

  • a list of phonetically spelled words to which your students have been exposed


Student Grouping: mixed ability, 4 or so students per group


The Play:


  • Each person on the team takes one turn with the white board and marker as the teacher makes a phonetic sound and then passes the board and marker to the next person.

  • Once the word is completed and points given to teams, the word is erased.

  • The next person on the team continues the cycle with the board and marker.


Scoring: Each team earns a point for correctly writing the word.




/t/ /i/ /p/ /s/


What's the word? tips


Comments or Variations: The first team to write and read the word gets an extra point.


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