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Letter by Letter (All grades)


Author: Lou Ann Boyers, Southside Elementary, Kentucky


Subject: Spelling, Vocabulary


Objective: Reinforce spelling, vocabulary meaning, directed attention


Materials and Preparation: spelling list, or word list of vocabulary for any content area


Student Grouping: whole group


The Play:


  • Students line up for a "spelling bee".

  • Teacher announces the word to the whole group and play starts at on end of the line when the first student says 1st letter, 2nd students says 2nd letter, and so on.

  • The word must be spelled correctly "letter by letter".

  • Students must listen carefully to the word (given only once), and must pay close attention to the last correct letter given.


Scoring: Student spelling the correct letter remains in the game. Student missing a letter, or forgetting the word leaves the game. Prizes in my class are stickers, candy, etc.


Further Play: Continue through the spelling list until a single student or designated number of students remain standing. Repeat words, manipulate words to spot assess individual knowlege of specific sounds etc. Keep the game fast paced by lessening "wait" time as the words are repeated. (Additional wait time can be allotted for students with special considerations)



Word is "flower".

Student 1 says "f"

Student 2 says "l"

Student 3 says "o"

Student 4 says "w"

Student 5 says "u" which is incorrrect so student sits.

Student 6 says "e".

Student 7 says "r".

Student 8 says the 1st letter of the next word given.


Comments or Variations:

I use this to reinforce content area vocabulary by giving out the definition of a science/math/social studies vocabulary word. Students have to spell the correct vocabulary word. This reinforces both spelling and knowlege of word meaning. This can get exciting when some students KNOW the vocabulary, while others excel at SPELLING!

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