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I Spy Art (all grades)


Author: Mary Arnold, Silver Street Elementary, Indiana


Subject: Art


Objective: This is a fun way to critique masterpieces


Materials: Prints or postcards of art work. All pictures should have been discussed previously or labeled with the title and artist.


Student Grouping: 2 to 4 teams


The Play:


  1. Split the class up into teams.

  2. This game is played like "I Spy with My Little Eye."

  3. The teacher will pick one "spy" to start from Team 1. The spy looks at one of the pieces of art work and says, "I spy with my little eye… 'something.'"

  4. The opposing team has to try to guess which picture the spy is looking at.

  5. The spy should be encouraged to use vocabulary from class, ex: color, line, shape, texture, subject.

  6. The "guesser" must say the title of the work as well as the artist name to be considered a correct answer. Whoever guesses correctly will be the next spy.

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