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Imagination (Grades 4-12)


Subject: English and Art


Objective: Enjoy the combination of work, play and art.


Materials and Preparation: Scratch and drawing paper, pencils, crayons, and/or marking pens.


Student Grouping: Individuals or pairs.


The Play:

  1. Using your students’ imagination, have them literally picture a statement like, “My father is playing bridge.” You can imagine a river with the father being the bridge.

  2. Let each student choose a statement and illustrate it.



  • We gave my room a coat of paint.

  • My brother has a hoarse throat.

  • We took the bus home.

  • She said her baby was a little dear.

  • She has bare feet.

  • The teacher got fired.


Comments or Variations:

  • Use common phrases or cliches.

  • Let your students think of some statements.

  • Have the students play with homonyms when either creating statements or drawing.


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