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Hello Wall (all grades)


Author: Erin Green, Lanesville Elementary, Indiana


Subject: Social Studies


Objective: Students will identify cardinal directions around them.


Materials and Preparation: none


Student Grouping: Whole Class


The Play:

  1. Students or teachers pick a "caller." The caller begins the game by saying "Hello Wall, 1, 2, 3, ...., 10, and then calls out any cardinal direction.

  2. While the caller is calling out numbers the rest of the class goes to a wall of their choice. They may not be at a corner and must be at a wall by ten.

  3. If the caller calls West, all students standing at the wall to the West are "out" and head to their seats.

  4. Play repeats until only a few students are left and a new rule goes into play that states that the students must be at different walls. The last player left is the winner and can be the next caller or choose a caller.


Further Play: Depending on age group or ability you may want to label at least one of the cardinal directions in your room.


Comments: This game goes by very quickly, so the students that get "out" are not idle for long!

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