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Football Review (all grades)




Subject: Any


Objective: Review: any concept area


Materials and Preparation: coin, football field drawn on the board or overhead, marker for the football, pencil/paper or marker/white board to record score


Student Grouping: Classroom divided into two teams


The Play:


  1. Flip a coin to see which team receives the ball first. Let the team decide which side of the field they want.

  2. Each team member will be asked a question. If the team member answers the question correctly, 10 yards are awarded to that team. Move the football accordingly.

  3. A FUMBLE occurs if the player gives the wrong answer. It becomes the other teams turn, and they get the same question that was missed. 

  4. If a team member answers out of turn, they are considered and INELIGIBLE RECEIVER and it becomes the other team's turn. They get a new question.

  5. OFF-SIDES occurs when someone on the other team answers when it is not their turn. The team with the ball is awarded 10 yards and they get a new questions.

  6. It is time to PUNT when the ball is fumbled three (3) consecutive times. Someone will be elected to say PUNT, and the first person from either of the teams to raise their hand and give the correct answer is awarded 10 yards and their team gets a new question.

  7. If a team gets a TOUCHDOWN that team is awarded six (6) points. The team will have the option to receive the additional point by answering another question.

  8. It now becomes the other team's turn.

  9. The team with the most points at the end of the allotted time wins.


Scoring: When a team scores a TOUCHDOWN they receive 6 points. An additional point is received if they answer an additional question correctly.


Comments or Variations: This isn't my game. I was substituting in a fifth grade class and the football rules and regulations were on the teacher's desk. I thought it was a cute way to review so I copied it by hand in my off period. I came home and created a cute typed up copy and laminated it, so I would have it for my own classroom.

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