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Comprehension (Grades 3-12)


Subject: Any (except maybe math)


Objective: To increase comprehension and review important points of an assignment


Materials and Preparation: Paper and pencils.


Student Grouping: 4 equal groups


The Play:

  1. Each group writes 10 questions and answers about what they have read (assigned reading, chapter or unit).

  2. A group member asks a question to the whole class. The first hand to go up from another group gets to answer the question.

  3. If that person answers correctly, he or she gets a point for his or her team. If the answer is incorrect, the teacher chooses someone from another team to get a try at the question.

  4. If no one can answer the question, the team who asked it gets a point, but they must be able to defend or prove their answer.

  5. The play continues with each team taking turns asking questions.

  6. The game is over when time is up or when all the questions have been asked.

  7. The team with the highest score wins.


Comments or Variations: When creating the questions, your students will review the material. During the game the students will also be reviewing important information. These two reviewing sessions add up to a lot of learning and fun. You’ll be amazed at the tough questions your students will ask and answer.

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