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Brain Quest Baseball (grades 3-8)


Author: Jo Ann Brass


Subject: All


Objective: Review or “preview” questions from all subject areas


Materials and Preparation:

  • Brain Quest cards, at least 4 different grade levels

  • 3 small white/chalk boards

  • chalk or markers


Student Grouping: Split class into two teams.  Put chairs around the room representing a baseball diamond and bases.  Use the big white board to keep track of runs, outs, players up etc.  Teams sit together opposite sides of room.


The Play: Same rules as in a baseball game. The base hit depends on the level of difficulty:

  • 3rd grade: Single

  • 4th grade: Double

  • 5th Grade: Triple

  • 6th Grade: Homerun


Choose a captain (spokesperson) for each team. Only that person can call a batter up.  I trade boy-girl.


The batter is on home plate. The teacher asks what type of question. The batter responds with grade and subject area (example:  4th grade Science).


The teacher asks the question. If the batter answers it correctly, they take two bases (or whatever correlates to the level of difficulty).


If the batter answers incorrectly, it is a foul ball and the OTHER team has a chance to answer.


If they answer correctly, player is out. If they are incorrect, it is a strike.


This continues throughout, just like baseball. However, if the batter says, “help” before answering the batter’s team can answer and if they do correctly, the batter can only take a SINGLE.


Scoring: Score it like a baseball game.


Further Play:


Other ‘Rules'

  • If either team gets chatty or blurts out the answer, it results in an automatic out or extra base, depending on which team is up and the infraction.

  • Three outs or 6 people up maximum in each inning (this keeps one team from “hogging” all the time)

  • I have a white board and pen available to each team and the batter if needed for the math or spelling.

  • Every teammate needs to take a turn before others can go up again.

  • One spokes person for each team, so people are not blurting out.

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