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Board Race (all grades)


Author: Connie Gumbel, Prince Chapman Academy


Subject: Any


Objective: Fast Recall of Information


Materials and Preparation: Chalk Board, chalk


Student Grouping: two to four teams


The Play:

  1. Students are put on teams. Larger classes can have more teams. Smaller classes, fewer teams. Usually I have boys vs. girls.

  2. First person on each team goes to the board. Chalk in hand, a question is asked, first person to write the correct answer wins that "round".

  3. Then second person on each team and so on. Winners get "bragging" rights.



Two teams playing - first correct answer gets two points. Second correct answer gets one point (more teams = first correct response four points, second three points, third two points, fourth one point). Incorrect answers get no points.


Comments or Variations: Care may have to be taken to "pair up" (opposite each other) students of similar abilities. If subject matter is particularly difficult, or if student at board doesn't know the answer, he/she may run back to his/her team for help. Students are cautioned to be quiet with answers so other team doesn't hear.


More points can be given for multi-part answers or more difficult questions. First rule of game is Decisions of the teacher are final!



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