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Blockbusters (all grades)


Author: Charles Dietz, August Boeger Middle School, California


Subject: Any


Objective: Review: General Information, Vocabulary, etc.


Materials and Preparation: Overhead projector, 2 color transparency markers, 1 transparency sheet, questions


Student Grouping: One half of the class vs. the other half


The Play: The game is based on the 1970's TV gameshow, Blockbusters. There is a board of 20 hexagonal shapes arranged in a 5x4 setting. 1/2 of the class is trying to get 4 in a row vertical and 1/2 of the class is trying to get 5 in a row across. Each hexagon has a letter of the alphabet inside it. The answer to that question to win that hexagon begins with that letter. If a team misses the other team can steal that hexagon. The team that has to connect 5 across always goes first to give them an advantage.


Scoring: 2 Games equal 1 match


Comments or Variations:

  • You should set up a template for you overhead projector first so you can use it over and over again.

  • Can be used with Civil War, US History, Terms of Government, Bible, Religion, etc.

  • I generally use their seating chart to help keep track of where I began and where I end.



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