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BBQ - Beach Ball Questions (all grades)


Author: Karen Crawford, Hazelwood and Scribner Middle School, Indiana


Subject: Adaptable for any subject matter.


Objective: Reinforce and review content


Materials and Preparation:

  • 2 inflatable beach balls with divided color sections

  • dry erase marker


Student Grouping: Two teams with each team sitting in own circle


The Play:

  1. Write one review question on each section of the inflated beach balls. For example; one beach ball has six different sections, this ball would have six different questions.

  2. Divide students into two teams. Sit in two circles.

  3. Toss one beach ball to each team. The object is to volley the ball amongst the team, not letting the ball touch the ground.

  4. To stop the volley, the teacher says, "BBQ". The next student is to catch the ball.

  5. The teacher then calls out a finger, for example, left thumb.

  6. What ever section the students left thumb is in is the question then need to answer to score a point for their team.


Scoring: 1 point for each correct answer


Further Play: Once all of the answers are correctly answered have each team wipe off the questions. Next, each team writes six new questions and tosses it to the other team.


Examples: I have used this PAT in my Art class as a review. For example, "What are the three warm colors?" The students need to respond correctly, red, yellow, orange, in order to score a point for their team.


Comments or Variations:

  1. If you only have one beach ball you can play BBQ like hot potato, no scoring is involved.

  2. You can also divide the beach ball in half (around the equator). This will double your areas to write questions.


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