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Around the World (all grades)


Subject: Any


Objective: Fast recall of important information or calculations.


Materials and Preparation: A list of questions or problems for review.


Student Grouping: Whole class


The Play:


  1. The first student stands beside the seat of the second student.

  2. The teacher asks a question and shows a flashcard to both of the students at once.

  3. The first to answer correctly wins and gets to stand beside the seat of the next student in line.

  4. The student who misses sits down.

  5. The play continues as students rotate around the room.

  6. At the end of the playing time, have the students count the number of seats they have moved during the game.

  7. The two students who have moved the most stand and face each other for one last question or problem.


Comments or Variations:


Math Around the World: Flash cards or math facts such as multiplication, fractions, metrics and word problems may be used.


English Around the World: Questions concerning comprehension of recently assigned materials, parts of speech, authors, etc.


Science Around the World: Questions concerning classification, adaptations, bone identification, etc.


History Around the World: Quotations, famous people, great events, governmental structure, cause and effect, etc.


Foreign Language Around the World: Flashcards for vocabulary reinforcement showing nouns and verbs (dog, tree, apple, run, swim, talk).


Home Economics Around the World: Utensils and their uses, sewing machine parts, nutrition facts.

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