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Alphabet Search (grades 2-12)


Subject: Any


Objective: To aid the students in recalling information given over a long period of time.


Materials and Preparation: Paper and pencils


Student Grouping: 2 teams, with a recorder on each team.


The Play:


The teams, using the alphabet as a base, will find as many words as possible related to the subject matter. At the end of the allotted time, the team members will turn their papers in to their recorder for tabulation.


Students eventually begin to make mental notes of new words presented in the curriculum to use during Alphabet Search.


Scoring: 1 point is given for each word 10 bonus points if all 26 letters have accompanying words.





Can you think of a word that starts with... ?


American Revolution

A = apple

B = ball, bat, Bill

C = cat

D = dog

E =

F = fun

G = go, give, girl

H =

I = ice

J =

A = Crispus Attucks, Ethan Allen

B = Britain, Boston Tea Party

C = Continental Congress

D = Delaware River

E =

F = Benjamin Franklin

G = Guerilla Warfare

H = Patrick Henry, Nathan Hall

I =

J = Thomas Jefferson

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