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Add It (grades 2-10)


Subject: Math


Objective: Quick addition review.


Materials and Preparation: Paper and pencils


Student Grouping: Whole class


The Play:


  1. The teacher announces any number and an addend. For example: 7 and 4.

  2. The students write and add the two numbers and continue to add the same addend to the new sum until the teacher calls stop at the end of one minute.

  3. Class stands and a volunteer begins reading problems and answers aloud, slowly.

  4. As students no longer have the answers, they are seated.

  5. The student left standing is the winner.




7 and 4

7 + 4 = 11

11+ 4 = 15

15+ 4 = 19

19+ 4 = 23


Comments or Variations: This is an easy, quick game that the students love. The time period may be varied, and it may be used with subtraction.


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