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52 Card Multplication (grades 4-7)


Author: Pat Driscoll, California


Subject: Math (simple multiplication)


Objective: Review/Learn basic multiplication.


Materials and Preparation: A deck of playing cards for each group.


Student Grouping: You can play this with pairs, triplets, quads ... whatever. There are all kinds of variations


The Play:


  1. Teacher shows the card at the bottom of the deck. Students multiply the number value of the card shown by 10 - or whatever number you have designated for this round. I start with 10 since it's the easiest and the students can have success early.

  2. All face cards are valued as 10 and Aces are valued as 1.

  3. Get the student(s) all the way through the deck once.

  4. Then: "Hey, not bad. How many do you think you can get in 30 seconds?" - and your off!


Comments or Variations:

I had lunch duty one day and kept 20 seventh graders huddled around me for most of lunch playing this game.


Try these variations:


  • Give the face cards a higher value than 10 to challenge students (ex: Jacks=11, Queens= 12, Kings=20)

  • Have 2 teams or individuals play against each other. The first person to say the answer gets a point.

  • With small groups, rotate "dealer" and "time keeper" responsibilities. See who in the group can get the fastest time for each multipleir, 1-12.

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