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Parent Edition

Parent Edition
Learning Magazine's Teacher's Choice Award for Families Winner!

For the last 30 years teachers like you have been telling us that they've been using the Fred Jones program at home as effectively as at school. And asking us how they can help the families of their students do the same.

With this special Fred Jones Parent Edition boxed set, now you can! Buy this now to share with your spouse, to share with your students' families, to share at your church.

Dr. Jones' 3 dvd set is made up of ten 1-hour sessions. We've even created a free facilitator handbook and parent handouts to help reinforce the lessons.

Each dvd centers on a theme that will help parents develop positive relationships with their kids, while better understanding what the teacher is doing in the classroom. Parents and teachers can work together with a common language and set of skills to create the best environment possible for their kids.

California classroom succeeds with Tools for Teaching.
Watch the video below.

Tools for Teaching Preview

Read the first chapter of Tools for Teaching online and view the table of contents.

Positive Classroom Series Archives

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Dr. Jones' original titles, Positive Classroom Discipline and Positive Classroom Instruction, are no longer in print; and some of the topics addressed in these books did not make it into Tools for Teaching. In order to make this information available again, we have posted selected chapters from these titles online.

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Tools for Teaching Increases Achievement and Decreases Stress

Tools for Teaching Focuses on the Classroom

All of our efforts to improve education eventually come down to the classroom. Policies and mandates must be translated into better teaching practices, or they are of no use.

Tools for Teaching describes the teaching practices of highly effective teachers – the “naturals.” In addition, Dr. Jones has developed research-based methods of group management that are extremely cost-effective – that free the teacher to focus on instruction rather than discipline. Advanced skills of classroom management can produce dramatic increases in student learning while reducing teacher stress. Here are just a few examples of teaching tools that work.

Wasted Time Becomes Learning Time

A typical class period is not on task until five to seven minutes after the bell rings. In addition, a typical lesson transition takes five minutes. Common to both of these situations is dawdling. Students are expert time wasters. They have no vested interest in hustle. They know that as soon as the transition is over they will go back to work.

Responsibility Training teaches the entire class to save time rather than waste it. Responsibility Training insures that students are on task when the bell rings, and it gives the teacher 30 second lesson transitions. These two items alone can add 10 minutes of learning time to a 50 minute class period.

Passivity Becomes Activity

A common sight when observing classrooms is to see students just sitting while the teacher works out. Students are typically passive for over half of the class period.

It is exhausting for a teacher to do five “matinees” a day. We call it “bop ‘til you drop.” Then during Guided Practice the teachers are met with hands waiving in the air – the same “helpless handraisers” every day. There has to be an easier way to teach a lesson.

Say, See, Do Teaching is another essential tool for teachers. It structures the lesson into a series of “Say, See, Do Cycles” which cause students to continually learn by doing. It becomes the students job to actively engage in learning activities while the teacher checks for understanding. No more Bop ‘til You Drop.

Meaning Business

The alternative to Meaning Business is “nag, nag, nag.” Meaning Business deals with typical classroom disruptions. It is effective, low key and nonadversarial.

Meaning Business increases learning for those who need it most – the low achievers who spend so much class time “goofing off.” With a little training, teachers can increase achievement for the bottom half of a class by as much as 50 percent while eliminating the majority of classroom disruptions.

Doing It the Easy Way

The natural teachers are not working themselves to death because they know the easy way to get things done. Not surprisingly, however, teachers start their careers doing everything the hard way. They are rookies. What do you expect?

Unless someone shows these teachers the easy way to succeed, they will eventually conclude that exhaustion is an unavoidable part of the job. Rather than letting them burn out, far better to give them the teaching tools they need.