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How to use Tools for Teaching:
A Plan for Professional Development

Success One Step at a Time

Tools for Teaching focuses on the crucible of learning - the classroom. Tools for Teaching describes the fundamental skills of classroom management. Our sole objective is to help you to put this expertise into the hands of teachers. We will walk with you every step of the way.

Step 1: The Book

Tools for TeachingTools for Teaching is the fruit of over three decades of research and collaboration with teachers by Dr. Fredric H. Jones. Dr. Jones has studied the “natural” teachers - the ones who get the “good kids” every year and produce two years of learning in one. What do they do?

In answering this question, Dr. Jones has described the fundamental skills of classroom management in great detail. Teachers say, “This is the first time someone has told me exactly what to do rather than just giving me generalities.” Just as importantly, the book is both enjoyable and down to earth. When you give it to colleagues, they read it.

Step 2: The Study Group Activity Guide

Study Group Activity GuideWhen teachers work together to apply newly learned management tools, information becomes skill. The Tools for Teaching Study Group Activity Guide provides a blueprint for successful professional development at the school site. The Study Guide structures twelve after school meetings in which teachers discuss and practice new skills until they experience comfort.

The Study Group Activity Guide is FREE! It is the next best thing to having Dr. Jones visit your school site. Every practice exercise that Dr. Jones uses in a workshop is described prompt by prompt so that colleagues can coach each other. Download it today!

Step 3: The Video Toolbox

Tools for Teaching Video ToolboxThe Video Toolbox provides the visual modality of learning for each of the twelve Study Group Meetings. It is like having a front row seat at one of Dr. Jones’ workshops.

In addition, a Coaching Tape is provided which models each of the practice exercises described in the Study Group Activity Guide. The Coaching Tape helps trainers transform an after school meeting into a workshop in which teachers learn by doing.


Levels of Training

While Tools for Teaching focuses on the skills of classroom management, it is helpful to think of professional development with Tools for Teaching as occurring on two levels:

  • The Classroom
    What are the fundamental skills of classroom management?
  • The School Site
    How can teachers best work together to master these skills?

Our objective is to help you produce not only a product, a group of trained teachers, but also a process of continuing professional growth and change. The Study Group Activity Guide structures the collaborative effort of the faculty as they master the skills described in Tools for Teaching.

Hopefully, Study Groups can become part of the social fabric of the school site. As such, they provide a permanent mechanism for implementing new programs and for integrating the old with the new.

Building a School Site Growth Process

We hear from teachers that their careers have been turned around just from reading Tools for Teaching. We also get emails telling us that the school site Study Groups really took off after they got The Video Toolbox. However, many districts and school sites begin training only after sending teams to one of our workshops.

We have structured as many paths to success as possible. Yet, it stands to reason that the more resources we give teachers, the more likely they will be to learn new skills and use them in the classroom. Consequently, the best odds of success belong to a district with a clear vision of staff training and a school site with an experienced training team and a principal committed to long-term follow-through.